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Short-term rentals with all the comforts of home in prime urban locations

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No longer will you need to settle for overpriced hotels that make you wait to check-in then cram you into a room the size of a shoebox! All of those expensive add-ons like water bottles and breakfast meals will be a thing of the past. Why be one of the hundreds of guests vying for space into an overcrowded tourist area when you can choose to stay with Viagem?

Book a comfortable and spacious apartment in a vibrant urban location. Live like a local in the best neighborhoods, and receive all the personalized services you would expect from a hotel.

A new era of hospitality has arrived.

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Charlotte, North Carolina


Our apartments are perfect for you!

Prime Urban Locations

Our apartments are hand-picked for their location within thriving neighborhoods because the location allows you to live like a local and immerse yourself into the community.

Comfortable, Spacious Apartments

Our apartments are professionally designed, and they contain fully-equipped kitchens and all the conveniences and necessary sundries.

Personalized Guest Experience

Enjoy a hassle-free keyless experience that allows you to check-in without a wait. You can expect local concierge service that is available 24/7 to facilitate your stay.

Accessible to Local Services

You can expect recommendations to all the best local services such as restaurants, fitness classes, and transportation.

Who are our apartments intended for?

Our short-term rentals are perfect for families who love to travel, couples who like to explore, retirees enjoying life in new places and even single business travelers looking for a comfortable place to call home. Viagem apartments are well designed, reliable places to stay in the heart of city neighborhoods.

positive american family of four with trunks walking through city street

Our apartments include:

  • Fast Wifi internet
  • Smart TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Cutlery and crockery utensils
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Safety detectors
  • Linen, pillows & hangers
  • Towels, soap, shampoo
  • Coffee machine
  • Large fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • 4 plate stove
  • Microwave
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron and board

What our guests say

“Everything at the Viagem apartment was absolute perfection! We loved the area and neighborhood and even extended our stay. The team was super responsive and supportive of all requests we had during our stay and we look forward to staying in more Viagem apartments in the future. Thank you.”

Jeff M.

“Viagem is the epitome of comfort and convenience. With a great location and modern amenities, this is the perfect place to stay for business or pleasure. The apartment is newly renovated, clean, quiet and has lovely, outdoor, common spaces. In addition, the apartment is within walking distance to downtown Durham and Duke’s east campus. I highly recommend staying here!”

Looking to lease?

Are you a building manager or a developer that is looking for a reliable tenant?

We’re looking for long-term leases that can be sublet for short-term rentals in multifamily buildings. Viagem always strives to put communities first by providing stable revenue through locally operated short-term rental management agreements. We are backed by industry-leading technology and an unbeatable customer service model which means we are ready to become your most reliable tenant!

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